Plexus 20214 Plastic Cleaner Protectant and Polish – 13 oz Aerosol Can


Plexus is the premier means of doing so. Why? Because it offers multiple features and benefits:

Powerfully cleans plastics without the need of abrasives which can harm surfaces.
Seals porous plastic to keep out the gunk for added protection.
Efficiently sprays on and wipes off for quick application.
Anti-static formula helps plastics stay cleaner longer.
Plexus also has what is known as controlled evaporation or “scavenging.” Here’s how it works:

First you apply Plexus by spraying it onto the surface. As you start to wipe it away it will actually continue to evaporate or scavenge on its own. This process is considered “controlled” because Plexus is designed to evaporate in a fashion that allows you to work at a reasonable pace. Plexus will not evaporate so quickly that you cannot turn away or stop for a moment. You also don’t have to worry about laboriously wiping and wiping and wiping for it to come off.



An aggressive yet safe spray that cleans and polishes at the same time. Simply spray on and wipe clean for a long lasting shine. The anti-static cleaner works safely on Plexiglas®, fiberglass, Mylar, ABS and all acrylics, and leaves no sticky residue.


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